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Cleaning in Chicago

Cleaning in Chicago is the professional maid service company you need, if you are locally based in Chicago.  We provide you with quality services for an affordable price.


Our maid services are not just the skim service types.  We can help with heavy duty jobs like ovens, carpets, window washing, stripping and waxing floors as well.  We have different packages for the kind of maid help we offer.  However, you might prefer to ask for customized help, because your needs might be unique than what is listed in our packages.  We provide for customized maid help as well.


If you require help with routine dusting, vacuum, making the beds, doing some straightening jobs, doing the dishes, and some more to dos, we can provide such services as well.  However, if you are never pleased with such services and you are looking for routine heavy duty help we can help with those tasks as well.  The routine tasks you get done are of course very simple, but the amount of minor jobs that don’t back up is an advantage and the amount of free time you get to do the rest of the jobs is also the value you earn with a maid service.


If you have lot of minor jobs backing up you don’t have the peace of mind to progress with the rest of the tasks at hand and you don’t feel at peace.  If you are not sure of the extent of help you need, you can hire a maid service on a trial basis and look at the options.  You can then alter the different help types you need and sign up for a regular package that most suits you.  Call us for a customized quote at Cleaning in Chicago.